Nima Farahmand Bafi


Nima Farahmand Bafi was born in 1984 to a musical family. He began his music endeavours by playing the Tonbak (a Persian traditional percussion instrument) and at the age of twelve started playing the piano. After finishing his Bachelor Degree in Physics at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran in 2009 he came to Germany to continue his Master studies in physics, and meanwhile he took piano lessons with Prof. Jacques Rouvier. In 2010 he entered the class of Prof. Peter Nagy at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart, afterwards enrolling to study physics and music in parallel. After his master's degree in physics he began his Ph.D. studies at the University of Stuttgart and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, and in 2014 he continued his music studies towards a master’s degree with Prof. Nagy. He has taken part in masterclasses run by Prof. Kämmerling, Prof. Rouvier, Prof.Gottlieb, Prof. Alexeev, and Prof. Pochekin, and played concerts as a soloist and in ensembles (also in the framework of intercultural projects) in Europe and Iran. Aside from physics and classical music, he has a great passion for improvisation and transcribing classical orchestral pieces and Persian traditional music for solo piano.


25.11.2018 -- Leonard Wolfson Auditorium, Wolfson College, Oxford (piano recital)

27.5.2018 -- Abtei Brauweiler (Mozart: piano concerto KV 271, with Klettenberger Kammerorchester)

17.10.2017 -- Musikhochschule Stuttgart (Stuttgart liest ein Buch-Festliche Eröffnung mit Shida Bazyar)

30.6.2017 -- Preußenmuseum Minden (piano recital)

29.6.2017 -- Haus der Musik im Fruchtkasten Stuttgart (Haydn: piano concerto in D major, with Argo ensemble)

12.5.2017 -- Haus der Musik im Fruchtkasten Stuttgart (piano/Tonbak, with Mahmoud Farahmand Bafi)

7.4.2017 -- Liederhalle Stuttgart (Beethoven: piano concerto in c minor, with Argo ensemble)

3.3.2017 -- Haus der Musik im Fruchtkasten Stuttgart (with Argo ensemble)

10.2.2017 -- Kunstmuseum Reutlingen (piano solo, opening of the exhibition "Huldigung an Hafez" by Günther Uecker)

26.1.2017 -- Institut français Stuttgart (with Jeanne Seguin, soprano)

29.10.2016 -- Musikhochschule Stuttgart (CD-release concert)

About the Debut CD

Excerpt from the booklet:

Music is a universal language which can overcome cultural differences. Whether it stems from the east or the west, it touches one’s heart if it originates from the heart. The present intercultural project includes a varied program of western classical and Persian traditional music, which has been developed through different improvisations in my concerts. On many occasions, after improvisation I felt an inner emotional necessity driving me towards engaging with specific classical pieces, which themselves would inspire me to improvise further. The result is a series of pieces which together encapsulated a unified emotional response....

Debut CD - Persian Inspirations


Photos: Reiner Pfisterer

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